Information for Individuals

We are delighted to offer individuals a range of learning and development options. These include some programs on line, recognition of the skills and learning you already have (without needing to attend training), some public programs and, as another option, we may be able to offer a coach to work through a program with you, 1:1; or a combination of approaches might work best for you.

CPD offers a number of public programs throughout the year. This information is available on our home page under the ‘Public Programs’ section. Alternatively, contact us and we will get back to you ASAP with the information you require. All programs (nationally accredited or short courses) are available via the following formats for individuals where public programs are full or not scheduled:

  • Coaching
  • Online Learning and coaching (blended learning)
  • Online courses

CPD can also provide payment options to ease the burden of up front full payment requirements. CPD encourages you make contact to discuss the training needs you have identified and discuss options for training that works and learning that sticks.


 Information for Employer Organisations

CPD provides tailored learning and development (L & D) to meet the organisations needs for skilled, confident and competent staff and managers. We work collaboratively with you to identify the learning and action outcomes you need from your investment in training; then we develop programs that are practical, challenging and interactive. CPD specialises in in-house programs; we place high value on working with a cohort from with an organisation who have things in common and value to add to the business by working through L&D together. We encourage you to align your training purchase with the individual development needs identified through the performance monitoring systems that you use. We also incorporate the current issues and priorities for your organisation (as identified by you) to ensure the programs engage participants in the bigger picture of the business as well as their roles in it.


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