Presentation Skills

Cheryll Hill

This program aims to equip participants with highly effective communication skills as a speaker and improved confidence as a presenter. Included are a range of tools that can be applied in the effective delivery of presentations in a variety of settings. The program provides participants withplanning and effective communication skills, use of effective visuals,critical listening,giving and receiving feedback and analysis and debriefing.


Participants will be able to:
  • Demonstrate highly effective communication skills as a speaker and in use of effective visuals
  • Show improved confidence as a presenter
  • Utilise presentation check lists and other tools to apply to the preparation and delivery of effective presentations in a variety of settings


  • Establish expectations and outcomes
  • Key principles of great presentations
  • Planning for effective presentations
  • Identifying key messages
  • Developing content
  • Dealing with nerves once and for all
  • Using visuals
  • Mastering the technology
  • Feedback and debriefing
  • Presenting brilliantly

Translation into workplace:

  • Translating presentation skills to communication situations in the workplace
  • Team and staff meetings
  • Project proposal and reporting presentations
  • Planning meetings
Competencies/skills developed:
  • PlanningEffective communication skills
  • Use of effective visuals
  • Critical listening
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Analysis and debriefing

Short courses developed by the Centre for People Development include activities that will require you to apply your knowledge and skills into either a real work site or simulated work-based situation.
There are a wide range of methods and tools that you can select from to suit your intended employment circumstances. the Centre for People Development will work with you to select the most appropriate approach.


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