Cheryll Hill

Teams need the unique talents and experience of all their members. Every person performs some tasks quite naturally and effectively and will typically be less adequate at other tasks. True teamwork only occurs when team members complement each other’s strengths. The Belbin Team Roles profiling identifies the strengths that individuals contribute to a team, and encourages each person to use and develop their natural behaviours, whilst managing their shortcomings or "allowable weaknesses".

Cheryll Hill

This program aims to equip participants with highly effective communication skills as a speaker and improved confidence as a presenter. Included are a range of tools that can be applied in the effective delivery of presentations in a variety of settings. The program provides participants withplanning and effective communication skills, use of effective visuals,critical listening,giving and receiving feedback and analysis and debriefing.

Cheryll Hill

Effective team leadership is all about mastering a wide range of skills from implementing policies and organising work to motivating staff to achieve high standards. For people coming to grips with leading a team and managing others for the first time, the challenges are BIG; even bigger if you were a team member and now the team leader.


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