Cheryll Hill and Rob Hall

The aim of team leadership is to assist members of the team to achieve their personal best and to work together to deliver on the goals of the organisation. To do this, the new manager needs to get a grip on their own role, understand how their team will work best and be clear where they are going with their team.

This one-day workshop is packed full of the practical information, tips and tools for new managers. We explore what is expected, how to make the transition from team member to team leader and how to get your team working at its best.

Cheryll Hill and Rob Hall

Because change comes in countless different forms, every situation is unique. One thing is certain, change is “normal” in today’s workplace. Coping with the ambiguity and uncertainty of change is imperative for new managers who also need to help their team members to work through the changes. This one-day workshop provides a range of strategies, techniques and tools that will be helpful for you to keep in mind and adapt to whatever changing circumstances you face. This program is part of the New and Emerging Managers Series.

Cheryll Hill and Rob Hall

Effective team leadership is all about mastering a wide range of skills from implementing policies and organising work to motivating staff to achieve high standards. For people coming to grips with leading a team and managing others for the first time, the challenges are BIG; even bigger if you were a team member and now the team leader.

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