Jill Gael

Resilience makes it possible to bounce back quickly from adversity and to learn from the experience - affirming self-esteem, growing resilience further and increasing the ability to manage the stress and challenges of work and life.

Fast track programs focus on participants issues and challenges and are structured to maximise the opportunity for application of learning back into the workplace. This fast track half-day program is a combination of facts, experience and action to assist you to polish up your personal resilience.

The facilitator brings a wealth of person experience in management of change and the skills and tools for “rolling with the punches” developed over a long and varied career.

Cheryll Hill and Rob Hall

Effective team leadership is all about mastering a wide range of skills from implementing policies and organising work to motivating staff to achieve high standards. For people coming to grips with leading a team and managing others for the first time, the challenges are BIG; even bigger if you were a team member and now the team leader.


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