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The Centre for People Development is a subsidised provider for the Diploma of Project Management and the Certificate IV in Project Management Practice. Contact us to discuss enrolment and eligibility requirements.


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The Centre for People Development is an Adelaide based RTO which has been delivering high quality learning and development programs to the Australian Public Sector, Defence Industries, Arts, not for profit and private sectors for 20 years and has a reputation for keenly held values which drive the way we work:

  • Achievement
  • Trustworthiness
  • Transparency
  • Generosity
  • Creativity

The CPD operates at the forefront of the training field, employing outstanding people and delivering excellent service. The learning opportunities offered by CPD are both creative and applied, with an eye to ensuring participants are actively involved in their own learning. Our expertise in competency based training means that participants develop tangible skills and knowledge which are quickly transferred to the workplace.

 What we are good at?

  • We get results
  • Design and delivery of professional development programs that really make a difference
  • Highest quality programs tailored to match the requirements of our participants
  • Creative ways to ensure the learning is fun and builds confidence, as well as more skills
  • A wide range of delivery methods
  • A mix of expert input, interactive approaches, practice and review
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility and confidence that we deliver training that works and learning that sticks
  • Participants of our programs are challenged not just to learn, but to implement the learning in the workplace.


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      We love fruit and want the world to know more about all of its many varieties.

      Although it is small now, we work on it whenever we have a chance.

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      This encyclopedia is implemented using the contact component, each fruit a separate contact and a category for each letter. A CSS style is used to create the horizontal layout of the alphabet headings.

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  • Freecall: 1300 366 056

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